JAMaROO KIDs JAMaROO TIME Class Description

JAMaROO Time is a fun packed, 30 minute class that combines music, creative movement, and storytelling. This is a wonderful class for schools that are only able to provide one enrichment program at their facility. Children will engage in singing, playing simple interments, and reading stories. They will have fun balancing bean bags and dancing with streamers to a variety of music from around the world.

JAMaROO Kids is continually developing new curriculum for this class. We strive to connect our classes to the outside world. During the summer our classes will often have beach and ocean themes and in the fall children sing and read about trees and the harvest. In the spring-time the children have fun dancing like blooming flowers and butterflies. This class like many of our classes changes with the seasons. This class takes the best of all that JAMaROO Kids has to offer and combines it! This class tends to be more popular in family home daycares and play groups, because the class resembles what many pre-schools already provide during their circle time.

JAMaROO KIDs JAMaROO TIME Goals & Objectives

  • Provide an interactive and engaging variety of circle-time activities
  • Provide a fun enriched learning experience
  • Learn to participate in a group
  • Practice taking turns and sharing equipment
  • Learn to play simple interments Develop listening skills
  • Become more comfortable and confident singing
  • Allow self expression through music, movement, and fantasy play
  • Increase vocabulary and other cognitive skills


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