Storytime Art Classes



Art is fun and creative way to help children gain essential skills. Through participating in art children work on socio-emotional development, cognitive development, and fine & gross motor skills. Art also provides children with a creative outlet for self-expression.
JAMaROO Kids Art classes are designed to help children explore the world of art, providing them with a hands-on experience that will allow them to make decisions and feel confident  about their choices.
Each class will be inspired by one of our favorite children’s books. We will start all classes by reading a story and talking about the illustrations. We will then move on to create a project that will have a similar theme to our story. During these classes children will be  introduced to different styles of art. They will have the opportunity  to use a large variety of art materials and textiles. We will encourage them to explore different textures, colors, and shapes. We will end  most classes with a fun song that also ties into the theme of our  story and art project.
Like all classes offered by JAMaROO Kids, this class is modified to be developmentally appropriate. Therefore classes will vary depending on the age of the students and the number of students in the class.


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