Bio - Maria Elera

Maria Elera is originally from Lima, Peru but was raised in the small town of Brentwood, California where she began her experience in Child Development. Maria’s passion for working with children was sparked when her younger brother was diagnosed with Autism. From that point on, Maria provided an extra hand at her brother’s after-school sport programs, such as soccer and baseball, where she began interacting with kids in the spectrum. At age 16, Maria was able to bring her experience onto the work field as an Early Intervention Assistant and worked her way up to become an Early Intervention Teacher. Here, she managed her own class in a team setting; she also worked directly with a group of kids in the areas of math, science, art, writing, reading, and circle music time in a preschool setting. Throughout these areas, Maria and her team worked to help the children be successful and reach developmentally age appropriate skills such as social, gross motor, fine motor, cognitive, and play skills. During her teaching, Maria worked on receiving units in Early Child Development at her local community college and later  transferred to a four-year university, where her passion for the Arts began.


During her transition from community college into a four-year university, Maria moved to the lively city of San Francisco where she currently resides. Maria began a new professional chapter as a Behavioral Interventionist for children diagnosed with Autism where she worked one on one with kids ages 1 to 18. She traveled around the Peninsula to homes and school settings and provided ABA to children in the spectrum. After two years, Maria joined JAMaROO Kids where she is now an Instructor in the areas of Music and Movement, Arts, and Spanish. 


Currently Maria is expanding her knowledge in Business in hopes of opening her own design and decorative firm while growing with JAMaROO Kids. Aside from work and school, Maria enjoys spending time with family, friends, and her playful pup, Felipe. She loves doing Arts and Craft activities as well as charcoal figure drawings and paintings. Maria has a soft side for adventure and travels as much as she can. Once you get to know Maria, you will find that she is very hands on and is always on the go. Maria lives by her favorite quote: “Adventure is out there!” 

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