Bio - Allison Mahaney

Born and raised in the SF Bay Area, Allison has had a passion
for moving and grooving from a young age.  She began ballet lessons at
the age of two at Berkeley Ballet Theater and quickly fell in love
with it as a form of expression. Over the years she would experience
many different forms of dance: ballet, hip hop, jazz, modern, West
African, and pointe, just to name a few. These dance forms continue
to influence her teaching style today.

A regular babysitter in middle school, high school, and college, Allison
decided to take her passion for working with kids to the next level in
college when she enrolled as a Psychology student at the University of
San Francisco and applied for a part-time teaching position at a local
Daycare & Preschool in San Francisco: Tiny Giants.  It was here that
Allison had her first encounter with JAMaROO Kids and Teacher Jamaica.
Allison loved teaching and working with kids, but she was left wanting more
out of her job.

Upon leaving Tiny Giants, Allison dabbled for the next four years in
the corporate world trying to find something she was passionate about,
to no avail.  It wasn’t until after a seriously debilitating knee
injury in May 2015 and subsequent surgery in October 2015 that she
left the corporate world and has decided to return to teaching
full-time.  Allison feels that she has truly found her calling in life
by working with preschool-aged children and teaching them how to be
comfortable in their own bodies and move and groove.  There is nothing
that brings Allison more joy than sharing in the celebration of a
child mastering a task.

Allison lives in Oakland, continues to babysit for some families she’s
known for 10+ years, and in her spare time she enjoys photography,
dance, yoga, bike riding, snuggling with her cat Sid, and enjoying the
beauty the Bay Area has to offer!  She hopes to purchase an ukulele in
the future and learn how to play so she can incorporate that into her
teaching lessons.

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