“Jamaica brings love and enthusiasm to every dance and music class. The Children love Jamaica and look forward to her classes. As a provider, I appreciate her expertise and her ability to engage all the children in each class- even the most timid child. Each child is positive that he/she is truly the most beautiful dancer on earth.”

Pat De Long

Owner of Angels in Training Childcare

“As parents of a young toddler, we’ve been delighted with Jamaica’s music classes. I’m amazed at how the music classes have enhanced our son’s vocabulary and his socialization skills over the past six months. Magically, Jamaica brings out the best in each child while maintaining a high level of energy and keeping the group focused, integrating movement and rhythm into each song. She’s the perfect music teacher for this age group- talented, energetic, cheerful and able to adapt to the kid’s interests on the fly.”

The Cookson Family

Mill Valley CA

“Dear Jamaica-
Each time you came, your presence, well organized lessons and your complete enthusiasm touched the life’s of our kids. I truly am inspired by you and the work you are doing. The kids grew this year and you added to their confidence, self esteem, and ability to listen and follow directions. All of these skills are so necessary for them to perform well at school. Thank you again for being so kind and inclusive of all the students you teach.”

Ms. Goldie

Special day Class K-3, Hamilton Elementary School

“Both of our kids have been in the JAMaROO Kids Dance class at ABC Academy since starting there. They love it! They get really excited on dance days and love to show off their new moves when they get home. Jamaica gets the kids really enthusiastic about participating in class.”

Seymour Family

San Anselmo CA

“Jamaica has taught dance classes at my preschool for five years now. The varied music she chooses allows the children to explore not only different types of dance, but different cultures as well. Jamaica is an expert with children and has completed a multitude of Early Childhood Education classes that prepare her to work with young children. Her expertise comes shining through with each student encounter.”

Carolyn Handelin

Owner of ABC Academy Pre-School

“My son Timmy just loves JAMaROO Kids!!! He loves his classes at preschool, so it was great to have JAMaROO Kids at his 3rd birthday party. The JAMaROO teachers brought instruments and sang and danced with the kids allowing them to explore their musical and creative sides. It was so much fun — even the most shy kids were singing and dancing along. We will definitely do this again!”

Joannie Cahill, Parent

Tiburon, CA

“We couldn’t have hired a better person to entertain at our daughter’s recent 4th birthday party. Our daughter met Jamaica (founder of JAMaROO Kids) at her day care and speaks fondly of her while singing and dancing around the house. Upon meeting Jamaica in person, I understood our daughter’s enthusiasm. Simply stated, Jamaica is wonderful! She is a kind, passionate, genuine person who is extremely good at engaging children in positive activities. In the beginning, a few of the kids at the party were apprehensive; at the end they were all participating with smiles while parents asked us about Jamaica. Extremely good value for the money. You can’t ask for anyone better. Highly recommended.”

Patrick Pack, Parent

Susiun City, CA

“Jamaica Stevens is a creative music and dance teacher that draws children into a world of music, dance, and fantasy play. She has created a curriculum that is fun and educational for all the little ones. Little Heaven Day Care is very happy to have Jamaica as a music and movement teacher.”

Aline Santiago

Owner/Director of Little Heaven Day Care

“Dear Jamaica,
I love it when we are in the car, and Kate hears a song and says ‘we dance to this in dance class’ She loves it! Thanks for the great work.”

Susan Merrill, Parent

San Anselmo, CA

“My 20 month-old son very much enjoys music class with Jamaica. He often sings the songs from class to himself as he is falling asleep at night and waking up in the morning. The class is interactive, engaging, and provides a nice mixture of circle-time activities and dance. The children not only learn music, but also how to participate in a group, take turns, share equipment, and have fun. It’s wonderful to watch how
excited the children get as they are waiting for class, and then to see how enthusiastic they are when it begins.”

Thompson Family

Richmond CA

“Jamaica has not only taught my son Tyler, the words to probably every children’s song, he actually knows and associates animals, colors, and numbers, with the music. She has shown him how to enjoy music and dance. Tyler enjoys Jamaica immensely.”

Stephanie Sprague, Parent

Greenbrae CA

“I have had two children take dance classes from Jamaica, a boy and a girl. There is a strong connection between physical growth and coordination and brain development and I have found that JAMaRoo Kids classes aided my children in both physical and mental growth. They learn to express creatively with their bodies and have fun at the same time. Since it is a relaxed environment in the classes, they are encouraged to make decisions on their own and feel that they have control over their bodies and personal choice. It is an excellent way for children to have exercises, especially in the rainy months in Marin.”

Maureen Corr, Parent

San Anselmo CA

“My son loves Jamaica’s yoga class. His favorite move? The dog wagging his tail. He’s made up a couple of his own moves– a cat wagging his tail and a rock lying still.”

Nina Schuyler, Parent

Fairfax CA

“Jamaroo Kids’ program is terrific! Jamaica and her staff are friendly and enthusiastic the girls and boys in our schools are excited about dancing and the parents are thrilled! We are so happy to have this opportunity.”

Ann Baker, Director

The Little Schools in Mill Valley and Tiburon

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